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Family History Research | Scotland

If you are curious about your family's history in Scotland and want to know what your ancestors have been doing in the past try researching your genealogy.


Tracing your ancestors in Scotland will give you a great sense of belonging, you can find out which Clan affiliation you have and discover which tartan you can wear.


I offer several packages which will tell you where your ancestor's were born, where they were married and what they spent their lives doing, were they doctor's, police men, suffragettes?


Were they keeping the country in food by working on the land? Did you have a war hero or a criminal in your family?


If you already have part of your family tree researched but need help finding your missing link or if you need to research a living relation.


I can offer hourly rates for these types of research as well.


Once your research is completed you will be able to see your ancestors laid out on a printed chart.


so get in touch and we can discuss what you would like.


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