Clients Comments

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Clients Comments


Paul - Well......just had my family tree completed by Shirley and it's

been a long time coming. Brilliant work and so worth it !!!




Many thanks to Shirley of Scotland's Gengenie for the work done

on my Family Tree. The results were fascinating and certainly

provided a few surprises! The standard of the family tree and the information included in the report was excellent and I would

certainly recommend Scotland's Gengenie to anyone.




Many thanks for a most professional service, will recommend you!




Thank you very much for your help, that was incredible.




There once was a genie named Shirley

She could find the un-findable, this girly!

On top of this, good humour was her call

And she had a vocabulary that would astonish all

She wears the plaid but that is okay

As she now resides in the U.K.

Because she uncovers the mystery

Your family tree will grow extensively

She works tirelessly and never complains

Even when my narrative is late and I’m to blame.

She works hard late into the night

So I can see her handiwork at first light

Always pleasant and never accusing

When I know my additions are abusing

An even temperament this lass has

But I would not blame her if it were bad

When I am wandering she gently guides

And I end up thinking she is smooth as a slide

With all the grace of a true professional

I could almost end up in her confessional

Sometimes chuffed but never tough

She enjoys a bevvy after working heavy

Loved by family and clients alike

Her spirits are always as high as a kite

I wanted to add a few family pics

So the genie worked her tricks

Now we have upon the tree

Faces of loved ones for all to see

We are now family, my genie, my wife and me

Adding the latest born is but planting a wee acorn

As Ella matures and looks upon the tree

She will know all of her genealogy

It is a long way across the pond

But through this work we have a bond

Written by a client with his tree

Who will visit and meet his genie eventually

If you need help with your genealogy

Visit this genie and take her to tea

I am no poet and have no fame

But I like my genie just the same

By: Wesson Murray Brown a client of many years who wrote this

Ode to me as a thank you for researching his ORR Ancestry.

Wesson Murray Brown presenting the completed

Orr Family History Book to Ola Jean Kelly, Executive Director

of the Union County Museum, South Carolina,

Bruce Harley Whisnant and Delle Bright,

Assistant to the Executive Director of the

Union County Museum.

Jan 2011.


Thank you for bringing my family back to life.



Gengenie Research